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#1 09-02-2009 15:08:40


JEUXLINUX at smoking guns need order


Firstly i apologize that i speak in english. I sadly do not speak french.
i wanna talk about jeuxlinux server in smoking guns.

It is far the most popular server in smoking guns. But it is total mess in administration.
There are people who just TK for fun and then rename themselfs to "All" so if anybody tryes to kick them. then they ALL get kicked....
Then there are groups of people (clans, friends etc) who kick anybody they want... since they have to most votes. Sometimes they kick any player who joins the server because they want to play there on theyre own.

And i'm here to apply myself as serveradmin.
My ingame name is Zongy or Rzong. I play SG alot lately.
Before that game i played TCE (true combat elite), it's and enemy territory modification
I was a server admin there for 2 years.... clan called massa (

I'm very fair admin. Does'nt kick with no reason. Only if needed. And never misuse my power.

So if there is any way i could get admin rights in that server please let me know.
I also have xfire (username Rzong)

Or if not then atleast tell me where can i get help when there are abusers!!!



#2 09-02-2009 21:39:47


Re: JEUXLINUX at smoking guns need order

Hello, i see with other admins if we accept or not your demand.
Can you mail me at : lululaglue at jeuxlinux . fr , so that I can give you a password.

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#3 13-02-2009 23:19:04


Re: JEUXLINUX at smoking guns need order


C'est une pure vague de boulets, qui déferle sur smoking's guns, recruter des admins devient vraiment important. wink
(Je me suis inscris juste pour faire ce post, c'est dire si ils sont chiant. ^^)

On a entre autre, cpowa, il y a deux jours, qui TKait sa team, et profitait du fait que seul 4 personnes sur 12 votaient pour essayer se faire passer pour un admin. Tout a l'heure, en me connectant, j'ai été kick, la raison? Un groupe de fauteurs de merde sévissait et se reconnectait a chaque kick sous un autre pseudo.
Bref, il serait bon de recruter des admins, ou simplement de faire en sorte que l'on soit automatiquement kick si l'on descend en dessous d'un certain score.
Bref, ils sont chiants, lourd, etc, etc, etc...

Si vous n'avez personne, je me propose, sinon c'est parfait.

PS: merci, pour le serveur avec un bon ping pour les français, et bien peuplé. smile

Zongy, scuse me because i didn't spoken in english, i just purposed me to be admin, and asked for more admins, because of thoses shitty tker.

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#4 28-03-2009 01:03:19


Re: JEUXLINUX at smoking guns need order

Here are some screenshots of your newest admin, CRAZYHOSE, in action on the server. He turns his CapsLock on and attacks and insults whole groups of people on regular basis. And when he is asked to stop by various persons who want to just play this game... he bans everyone disagreeing with him just to prove he can.

After this conversation I was removed from the server and am banned there ever since.

Please read through conversation on the screenshots and tell me what for.

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